Neli's Big Sister

I have recently released a new dress pattern, which looks quite similar to your favourite Neli Dress and the classic Twirl dress. I am writing this short post to clear the air and let you know what to expect from the fit of the finished garment and show the differences.

I will start with the Twirl dress, this is the first dress I have ever drafted. The fit is very basic - tight bodice, knee length and the waistline is in the middle of the waist. The skirt hem is slightly curved. 


Last year (2021), I made a few twirl dresses and still liked the pattern, but as I said it is pretty basic.  I felt like I have become better and more confident in pattern making and I drafted a similar one, but with a higher waistline and a bit more room for growing and moving - the Neli dress. This is my go-to pattern if I want to make a present for a girl. It fits skinnier, chubbier, taller or smaller for their age. The proportions of the Neli dress are just more versatile in terms of the fit. Also there is a sweet peplum top skirt included.

Now let's talk about the big sis.The Big Sister Dress has a loose, almost oversized fit. The bodice is a bit higher than the Neli dress, which already has a high waist. To make the Big Sister dress more casual, the shoulders are much lower, than the actual shoulder line. They are almost at the level of the Boyfriend T-shirt. The Big Sister dress is also longer, than the others and cover a bit of the knees. The sleeves are wider and they are finished with cuffs, unlike the other two patterns.

One picture can explain better than thousand words, this is why I have made the diagram below to show better the difference. 

You can see the difference between bodice width and length and also the dropped shoulder of the Big sister dress. 

I love them all and sew each on a different occasion and mood.

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