1. What does my PDF pattern include?

The Vagabond Stitch sewing patterns include:
- short description, 
- yardage calculation, 
- supply list, 
- measurement chart, 
- metric and imperial, 
- instructions how to print, cut and put the paper pattern together, 
- step by step sewing tutorial with pictures and explanation, 
- and of course the pattern itself.
Check out our free footed pants pattern to get a better idea of how the patterns look like HERE

2. How do I get my pattern?                                                                                  The file/files will be available for immediate download, once your payment is processed. This might take a few second or minutes. We recommend creating an account, this way you will be able to have access to your patterns in case they get lost.

3. Do I need a serger (overlock machine)?
A serger will give your garment a professional looking finish. You don't necessarily need one to sew with knits.  If you've got a zigzag stitch on your regular sewing machine you can use that instead. Some of the newer sewing machines have stretch or even overlock stitch which are also good for finishing knit seams.

4. On which paper can I print the pattern?
You can print the pattern on A4 or US paper.

5. Do I have to print the whole document?
No. You can only print the pages with the pattern and you can read the instructions from your computer, phone or tablet.

6. What are layers and do the patterns include this option?
Layers allow you to print only the size or sizes you want to sew. Not all of the Vagabond Stitch patterns include this option. You can find out if the file has layers in the description of each product. Meanwhile, I will be working on updating and adding this option to the other files.

7. I can not download my files!
Depending on the payment method you choose, there can be a few minutes delay, until your files are available for download. You will also receive an e-mail with the pattern. If a technical (or any other) issue occurs and you can not access and download the pattern that you have purchased just contact me at info@vagabondstitch.com I will e-mail you the file as soon as I can.

8. I’m new to sewing, are the patterns suitable for beginners?
Yes, I try to make the patterns as simple as possible and the step by step photo tutorial will guide you through the sewing process. If you have any questions or you find the information not clear enough or incomplete, you can always contact me. I would love to help you out. If you are a complete newbee, take a look at this basic sewing terms HERE

9. What is your Refund policy?
Information on your right of cancellation can be found hereThis right only applies when you haven't download the file yet or you accidently bought the same pattern twice. Refund requests, if any, must be made within 14 days of your original purchase.

10. Do I get support?
Anytime – just contact us with any questions, quires or suggestion and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

11. Can I sell items made from the Vagabond Stitch patterns?
Selling items made from the patterns is allowed for small handmade businesses only. It would be highly appreciated if you mention us in your product description or add a hashtag.